Maybe I’m just bad at relationships

Or maybe people, do not know how to love

I have made up my mind

I am done 



I am content with being on my own

I accept that maybe I’m supposed to be alone 

In my thoughts

My space

But if the time comes where you walk in

I’ll be ready 

With open arms

Only if you mean 

No harm


Open Up to Me


I need to hear you say something


Just a hey or a hi

Start the conversation

All you have to do is try

Am I crazy to think that you would want someone like me?

We are on two different levels

From what I see

You are successful

I am still trying to get by

So you tell me

If this thing is real or a lie

Deep down

I can’t just let you go

But I am not desperate enough

To chase a shadow

I know

The fear of rejection can be hard

Believe me

I’ll show you a heart that is scarred

Yet, if you never move closer

We will never know

If a notion of love could grow

Leaving me to make a decision

Of possibly

No longer being in your vision

Dedicated to X-Lovers and So-Called Friends


My greatest revenge

is letting you see

I am okay

Without you

On my own


You may have left me on my knees

But you did not break me

I have taken the rain from my eyes

and made a thunderstorm from my tenacity

You were a lesson I had to learn

The heartbreak that once took me to the point of no return

Has left the old me to burn

Thank you for helping me to see what I want and need

For helping plant the seed

that will one day lead me to love that succeeds

D.B.L. (Dream Believe Love)


I am a dreamer

A believer

A lover

Not a fighter

I am not a schemer

And would rather give than to be the receiver

I dream of a time that will ignite and excite

When a light at the end of the tunnel will be in sight

I believe in the ability to feel free

In love and fate

That good things happen to those who wait

The power of an individual’s might

and that anything can be conquered if you just take flight

Demons Dancing


Playing with these demons, they’ve become my best friends

Dancing around all the parts of my head

Full of deceit and anger with no invitation to attend

Trying to make me lose my peace of mind is what they intend

I’ve given more of myself to people than I can defend

I just want to forget the world exists as I fall asleep in my own bed

After saving others for so long, who will come to my aid?

When I have needed them the most, they all go astray.

So I turn to the voices in my brain

The only ones who have stayed.

Baby Steps


I am not where I want to be but I am closer than ever before.

I can feel the adrenaline in my veins preparing me to soar.

When will this door open, where I can stand for something much bigger than this war?

There is a world waiting to be explored.

With a sense of adventure that cannot be ignored.

I am ready to break through these chains and let the nation hear my roar.

Yet I still feel like it is an eternity away, as I stand by this shore, waiting and wishing for the day to settle the score.

I will persevere in the hopes of a miracle within the year.

Like a mountaineer I will hold on till the storm clouds disappear.

I foresee something out there being greater than the expectations I have in my dreams.

Eventually I will get to my destination, but until then I will continue to go down stream.

Is This What Strength is?

My heart has been ripped out of my chest

Squeezed so tight that the vessels have burst

Given back to me in my own hands

In a bloody heap of what was once whole

Thrown against a wall repeatedly 

Leaving the stain of misery dripping down to the floor

Before wounds could fully heal

Another knife was being thrown

My heart has been kicked through the dirt like a stone 

That no one gave a shit about

Set on fire only to have it burned down to ash

Descending from the sky above

Yet, I still believe in Love. 

Weary Travel 

I’m a lost soul, just the same as you.

Let’s fly away into the night sky together, until we’re out of view

    Show me where your dreams hide so I can chase the stars along your avenue.

    Bring out that inner child in Neverland, the imagination we once knew.

    Do not worry about pleasing people who have no clue.

    The boy grew into a man but sometimes it’s okay to not have a plan.

    To have a little fun and pretend we are Peter Pan.

    But if you falter in your fantasy, I’ll be the doorman who holds the key to get you back to reality.

    We all at some point feel like we are racing through life like a grand prix.

    I want to be by your side through it all though, this is my plea as you travel the sea.

    Like a bird with the wind carrying their wings, this is the definition of being free. 

    Here For You


    Hey pretty girl you’re too beautiful to cry

    I can tell by the lakes and redness in your eyes

    You’ve been holding onto the pain too long

    Burying it deep with the same old song

    It’s okay to be vulnerable when you feel, life’s all wrong

    You don’t always have to be so strong

    You’re safe in my arms where you belong