One of the worst things is being sucked into a volcano

What’s worse is being in your own

The lava burns through your veins as it’s patience wanes

Ready to burst through every pore of your mountain esque skin

So it waits

And waits…


Till it reaches a boiling point of no return

Rocks spew out

Hitting everything in their path

An outpouring of fire

melting all that it covers

It doesn’t mean to cause destruction

Yet it does not know any better

You call it mean

But this is the nature of it’s being

You tried to warn the others

Trying to help them move to safety with your subtle cues

Nevertheless some just ignore them because they don’t understand it as well as you do

Retreating to shelter

But it’s force is too strong

It pulls you back in

No matter how strong you think you are

It starts to consume you

As you cry out in agony

It’s tyranny makes you feel like you have no purpose

You’re worthless in it’s ruthless eyes

Sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss

Realize you do have the power to overcome this

If you can look beyond the ashes and the depths of despair

Can you see the majestic bliss of what you call a nightmare?


Scared Straight

Have you ever stared at death in the face?                                            ©WildRiverRebel 2017

Being moments away from having your brains displaced?

With a man’s finger on the end of a trigger

One push away from your soul going into space

He says he loves you

But there is no embrace

A girl cries on the floor,

Waiting for the sound of the bass

For reasons I will never unlace,

He begins to cry too

During the disgrace

My first love, this memory I have

Can never be erased

A case of depression during my race

So you decided to have me stare at death in the face


The National Domestic Violence Hotline Website

The National Domestic Violence Hotline Phone Number:

1-800-787-3224 (TTY for Deaf/hard of hearing)

Note: The National Domestic Violence Hotline Website and Phone Number are not owned by me.