Sex isn’t Everything


You fucked me

You fucked with

My h e a r t

My m I n d

My e m o t I o n s

My l i f e

You fucked

My b o d y

A place I should have, never let you explore

But it’s the only thing that kept me coming back

for m o r e


Waning Patience

Note: There is explicit language in this post so if you are not a fan of, “f-bombs,” this poem will not be for you. 🙂 

I am my own worst enemy.

Helplessly going numb as my strength starts to crumble before me.

What is the point of even trying, when what I want, does not even come.

Cluster fucks and fairy tales is all I have ever known in my trails.

So why the fuck should I persevere when my train will just keep going off the rails.

A nail has been put through my sails making the trip feel like an eternity.

Yet, in spite of this, I still turn the wheel.

Only I can choose to overcome, the scum, of what my mind thinks and reels.

As frustrating as it may be, these are the cards dealt to me and I will keep fighting until I’m free.

©WildRiverRebel 2017