Sex isn’t Everything


You fucked me

You fucked with

My h e a r t

My m I n d

My e m o t I o n s

My l i f e

You fucked

My b o d y

A place I should have, never let you explore

But it’s the only thing that kept me coming back

for m o r e



Close your eyes

Open your thighs

Piece of meat

Ready to eat

He whispers, your body is sweet

I feel cheap

You have taken an innocent heart

Not knowing that her heartbeat stops

You have cheated yourself on getting to know the human being

While your fingers are too busy sightseeing

Is that all that I am to you?

Just a body aimed to please

Ripping my clothes off by the seams

Getting off on what you see

Then you leave

© WildRiverRebel 2017