Open Up to Me


I need to hear you say something


Just a hey or a hi

Start the conversation

All you have to do is try

Am I crazy to think that you would want someone like me?

We are on two different levels

From what I see

You are successful

I am still trying to get by

So you tell me

If this thing is real or a lie

Deep down

I can’t just let you go

But I am not desperate enough

To chase a shadow

I know

The fear of rejection can be hard

Believe me

I’ll show you a heart that is scarred

Yet, if you never move closer

We will never know

If a notion of love could grow

Leaving me to make a decision

Of possibly

No longer being in your vision


Here For You


Hey pretty girl you’re too beautiful to cry

I can tell by the lakes and redness in your eyes

You’ve been holding onto the pain too long

Burying it deep with the same old song

It’s okay to be vulnerable when you feel, life’s all wrong

You don’t always have to be so strong

You’re safe in my arms where you belong